Product disclosure statements

These documents need to be 100% word perfect. We manage your content in a publishing system which streamlines editing, version control and workflow. With a web app, you gain access to your content and team members in other offices can review, edit and contribute. Approved text can be shared across multiple documents cutting down on duplicates and inconsistencies. In a regulated environment this is a strong workflow.

Savings to spend elsewhere

It is expensive to author content for PDSs, fact sheets etc. Once your text is deemed ‘compliant’ it’s saved to the system and rarely needs to be re-circulated past legal departments. For documents that share common content, any change to the original instance will subsequently update across 10, 20, or 100 or more documents. WOW! We hope you think this is a pretty big ‘WOW’ as it delivers content control like no other. Aside from the accuracy benefits, the cost savings are estimated at 60% year on year.

Personalised campaigns

Coolwise’s production capabilities are highly regarded by Corporate and Government clients.
At the end of the creative process, we push your work out to the world as web documents or ‘on demand’ digital print and mailing production in-house. It’s a secure environment for your members personal information. Segmented and/or personalised campaigns, member kits, member cards or seminar invitations are typical examples. Add our web based inventory management portal and you will be able to cut down on wasted stock.

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Important content that must be 100% correct.


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Short run digital books and or web reports


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Segment, Personalise – DM and eDM